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    GMHRA - Social with Rutland Young Professionals

    Date: July 30, 2015, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Liz DiMarco Weinmann, MBA
    College of St Joseph at Clementwood Mansion
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    Event Overview:

    In the world of finance a bond rating of AAA is a very good thing – the highest indication of a firm’s creditworthiness. In a similar vein, firms often refer to a "triple bottom line" – the 3BL – i.e., how well they invest in people, planet and profit. In this very informative, lively and interactive session, proactive professionals will learn all about how to apply and practice the principles of the most successful, profitable and effective businesses to networking on behalf of their own triple bottom lines: 1) personal lives, 2) community connections and commitments; and 3) career development. 

    I. Opening Bell - Triple A, Triple Bottom-Line Networking Primer – Liz Weinmann (5:55-6:10)

    1. A) Investing in your network: how and why to cultivate, differentiate and reciprocate allies, advocates and ambassadors in your personal life, community and career
    2. B) Working with mentors, influencers, connectors and sponsors: what they expect from you
    3. C) Assembling your own Triple A, Triple Bottom-Line networking stock portfolio

    II. On the Trading Floor - Working "The Talk Exchange" (6:15-7:15)

    CSJ’s "SEC" (Social, Education, Career) experts indicate smart and energetic traders will see a healthy return on their investment as they seek out valuable a-"new"-ities, stocks, bonds and options in this fast-paced, very interactive game – with prizes.

    III. Schmoozing Bell – Closing Exercise (7:15-8:00)

    Field reports from the floor of "The Talk Exchange." Awards for best tips on networking stocks, bonds, options and a-"new"-ities discovered during the evening.